About us

Union Trans Company was founded in 2012 and is an international owner and operator of freight rolling stock. We have extensive experience of working with leading companies in the CIS and Baltic countries in the field of open wagon fleet management within the “1520 gauge” area. Today we are focused on the of development of new infrastructure and logistics channels in the Russian Federation.

Among our clients are the leading players in rail freight traffic, as well as the metallurgical giants of the CIS and Baltic countries.

The Company's main value is a dynamic team of like-minded people. Our professionalism and successful experience make it possible to fully assess and minimize the associated risks, as well as implement an individual approach to each client, providing the right to choose the most convenient terms.

Our advantages



Flexible pricing

Fast decision making

Our mission

Backed by many years of experience and innovation, we provide combined freight transportation over the “1520” area that can make your business convenient and profitable. Stable and beneficial cooperation is a pledge to build a steady business and a basis for the entrepreneurship development in the regions of our presence.

Our vision

Constantly increasing our own fleet, increasing the efficiency of the business model, we occupy a leading position in the freight rail transportation market in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.



  • We are a reliable and predictable partner for our customers, counterparties and the countries in which we operate.
  • We build all business processes in a consistent manner.
  • We look for and implement non-standard solutions.
  • We are able to tackle the most difficult challenges.
  • We are open to new ideas and new solutions.
  • We are constantly improving those practices that can be improved.
  • We always keep our promises.
  • We are proud of our heritage.